NOTE:  I will not be updating my site. I will leave it up because I would like to continue to hear from victims of criminal guardians and corrupt courts in Washington State. I will be writing a book on the horrors of this program. There is a dearth of material on guardianships and the courts that have spawned them. While there are many magazine and journal articles that deal with the horrors of guardianships and some book chapters that refer to them, there are very few books that fully analyze exactly what they do and how they get away with it. There is Dr. Diane Armstrong's trailblazing analysis of guardianships and the legislation that supports them.  There is Robin Westmiller's engaging account of her father's trials with a nightmarish guardianship.  It is time now for a book that rips the shoddy veneer of respectability off the criminal enterprise that is devastating the lives of our most defenseless citizens and their families.  It is past time to expose  the shameful role of the judiciary in this uniquely American tragedy.  If you or a loved one have been victimized by a criminal guardianship or a corrupt court in the state of Washington, please feel free to contact me and share your experience. 

I care for my mom and thankfully, she is currently in adequate health.  If her health remains the same,  this spring she and I will take up residence outside the King County Superior Court.  I want every person who enters that courthouse to know and care about the theft committed on this vulnerable, honest human being by Henry Judson III (classless thieving attorney) and the co-directors of Care Planning Associates, Amy Miller and Lori Ayana (greedy, dishonest, thieves) as well as  the crass assault on justice and on the law by judicial pretender, Carlos Velategui.  Perhaps if others meet their victim and examine the evidence of their theft, they will finally develop a sense of shame sufficient to encourage them to take a higher road or just to quit stealing the hard earned assets of honest folks who have become weakened by age or illness. I want every person entering that courthouse to examine the one or two sentence "report" that Ms Miller, Mr Judson and LI charged my wheelchair bound mother 5.2 to 7 hours for "writing" and that Carlos Velategui "approved." Perhaps by exposing them for the slime that they are, and letting people see what they do and who they are harming, their exploitation of the defenseless can be stopped. 

                                                     WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE

Thank you for visiting my website.  The purpose of this website is to share my mother's and my experience with a predatory guardianship and the corrupt court that is charged with monitoring it. I hope that others who have experienced this atrocity, will share their stories.  I hope that we can join our outrage and convince the legislature to rewrite this program so that it will be monitored by an agency with teeth - so that never again will our helpless elders be hunted as prey by corrupt guardianships and their attorneys. Once I am satisfied that my site is what it should be and it serves its purpose, I will enter it on all the search engines. I will also consider a TV, radio, or newspaper slot. The more people willing to commit to protest this abomination, the easier to persuade the powers that be that this program must be repaired.

The purposes of this site include the following:

1.  To gather information on the guardianship program in WA state,
2.  To share experiences you have had with guardianships, the guardianship program, and the courts,
3.  To elicit ideas for how this program might be improved, 
4.  To develop a database of names of citizens who want the guardianship program to be what it was intended to be, 
5.  To acquire information that can be shared with legislators to assist them in making the changes that would improve this program.

My interest in this subject comes from my elderly mother's experience with an incredibly dishonest guardianship and my subsequent experience with a corrupt court that encouraged and supported the guardians' criminal behavior.  I've been reading  books and articles that detail the national problem with guardians. I've also been talking to agencies and people that are involved in this program either peripherally or directly.  I've discovered an incredible amount of "buck passing, enough to recognize that not only is no one guarding the guardians, but no one is guarding the courts either! 

     This is my mother, Doris Denney.  During her active life, she was hard working and honest to a fault.  She is currently in a wheelchair due in large part to Care Planning Associates' (a "professional" guardian) neglect. For a paltry six week guardianship, that company and its parasitical attorney ripped off eighteen thousand dollars from her.  That was money she worked hard for, sacrificed for, and counted on to buffer the anticipated ravages of old age.  It was money that was in no way earned by the guardianship and its free-loading attorney.  
    Since there was considerably more money to be had, the guardianship  made every effort to distort her life to keep themselves in her accounts.  They were not able to continue their plunder, but Commissioner Carlos Velategui had no trouble gifting them with the obviously stolen eighteen thousand dollars. The court, in every way, gave evidence of a corruption as profound as that of the guardians. In truth, the guardianship commissioners and judges should be sent home to deposit their filth in their own nests.  The stench they left in the "judicial" system will linger a lifetime. 
The guardians and their free-loading attorneys should be jailed. 
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DISCLAIMER:  I have made the choice to name the guardianship (Care Planning Associates), the co-directors (Amy Miller, Lori Ayana), and their attorney (Henry Judson III).  My feelings about their "work" are unmistakable. They are a form of life so low, they were, up until five years ago, beyond my imagination.  Ms Miller and Ms Ayana and the bottom dwellers who work with them make a living by hunting for, preying upon and stealing from the most defenseless, helpless human beings among us, most often the elderly.  Their attorney, Henry Judson III, sponges off their harvest, loading his pockets with money he hasn't earned by any stretch of the imagination and filling his pleadings with lie after endless lie for himself and for his "clients."  They get rid of the victim's home quickly, and continue relentlessly until they have exhausted the life savings of the helpless person in their grasp.  When they have drained every cent, they toss the victim out like yesterday's laundry.  Despite being required by law to monitor this program, Superior Court Commissioner, Carlos Velategui, supports and encourages their theft and their lies by not  reading the pleadings before him, by accepting without question, the lies and nonsense they offer him, by writing court orders that he doesn't mean for them to follow, by ignoring the law, and by selectively enforcing the laws he chooses not to ignore. He uses the law to satisfy his own needs, and those needs are either perverse or corrupt.  He is a judicial farce and has only junk/joke "justice" to offer. The "rule of law" does not exist in his court room.  There, one can only find the stench of his carefully constructed "juristocracy."

Hurricane Katrina introduced a new crime to America, the "disaster hunters."  These folks follow disaster, like a dog follows a bone.  Once they arrive, there are a myriad number of ways to rip off folks who are shell shocked by the recent catastrophe. They all pretty much operate in the same way.  They arrive, make all kinds of promises, pocket the FEMA or insurance money and run, leaving the victims already down, with an additional  sucker punch.  The guardians are every bit as despicable.  They stalk disaster, look for a victim with memory loss, terminal illness, or dementia, AND a bank account.  Once they find a vulnerable person with money or assets, they come in for the kill.  While the victims are down, Amy Miller, Henry Judson III, Lori Ayana, and other guardians just like them and their ubiquitous sleazy attorneys start kicking.  They kick as long and as hard as it takes to get what they want.  After they have the money, the house, whatever other assets might have been available, then they drop the victim like used tissue.  The victim has no home, no money and often, because isolation is a favored technique, no loved ones left.  The guardians and their greedy, loathsome attorneys set a new low for the depths to which the human race can fall.  They are not fit to share  this earth with principled, ethical, decent human beings. Nor are the judges and commissioners (such as Carlos Velategui) who have created and supported them.

They  may feel differently.  Their "work," included on this website, will tell their story.   You can judge for yourself. Neither the guardians nor their attorney have been arrested, charged, or reprimanded in any way, though I think all would have been appropriate. The commissioner has not yet been removed from the bench. It is to be hoped that he will be removed shortly, having recently "starred" in almost every installment of the Seattle Times Newspaper's expose on "Your Courts, Their Secrets."  If my assessment is correct, and  if CPA and its attorney are the opportunistic vultures I believe them to be, preying on the helpless, filling their pockets with unearned money, then it needs to be addressed as should the judiciary's role in it and its role in the perversion of the promises made by our forefathers over two hundred years ago.   The elderly should be worrying about  Medicare, falls, and  visits from the grandkids.  The state of Washington has no business adding court appointed predators to the list of what should give them concern. 

If you go to the linked sites, you will find that the stench of corruption infects most of the guardianship programs in America as well as the probate courts charged with monitoring them. Please consider joining the Advocates for National Guardianship Ethics and Reform - ANGR.US
I will be sharing my mother's and my experience with a predatory guardianship.  I have scanned the many pages of bogus charges submitted by Care Planning Associates and its attorney, Henry Judson III and approved, without exception, by a corrupt court.  These fraudulent charges can be viewed by clicking the tab  "Examples."  I have heard from guardianship victims all over the United States.   I have learned that guardianship scams share a variety of tried and true techniques designed to steal the life savings, homes, and the security of those they are assigned to protect. Some of those techniques are presented in "Examples."

NOTE:.An attorney who works in the guardianship area recently said to me, “You’ve gone over the line.”  I assume she was referring to my website  and my obvious rage at the theft of my mother and the judicial assault on justice.

In response, I would say the following: “There is no line!  The guardians and their attorney have obliterated the line between stealing and earning,  the line between caring for and exploiting the elderly,  the line between what my mother earned dollar by dollar and what the guardians and attorney didn't earn, the line between right and wrong, as well as the line between greed and need.  In addition to contributing to the above, the commissioner has mindlessly eradicated the line between law and lawlessness,  the line between justice and injustice, the line between bias and impartiality, the line between expediency and  diligence,and  the line between what soldiers and taxpayers sacrifice for and what they get.  

The guardians and  their attorney are  bottom dwellers who owe their existence to Commissioner Velagetui.  The commissioner owes his existence to attorneys - the attorneys and judges (also attorneys) who compose the commissions on judicial conduct  (See NY, CA, IN, FL,  the list goes on and on.) as well as to the attorneys who pass through his courtroom in utter silence, accepting the farce he offers as justice, even when they know it's wrong, and tolerating the "juristocracy" he has created to pad his ego - rationalizing and offering specious justifications so as to relieve themselves of the responsibility to act - to change - to refuse to accept. 

I haven't crossed the line.  The line was destroyed by greed, by judicial perversion, and by spinelessness long before I discovered the absence of demarcation.
Most professions are founded on ideals.  Over time those ideals change, expand, and even contract.  That is as it should be. Unfortunately most professions also have a few who dirty those ideals: the architect who uses substandard materials putting at risk all who use the building, the educators who deliberately fail to note the signs of child abuse, and the attorneys who are silent with regard to judicial corruption and courtrooms that reek of depravity.   There are many levels of "professionalism."   Surely among the highest, the most profoundly "professional" are those who will do whatever it takes to rid the ranks of that which corrupts it.