Examples of Guardianship Deceit and Judicial Indulgence

The other side of the coin is to see the level at which our judiciary is functioning.  The law requires the judiciary to monitor this program.  That is why the guardianship submits the Final Report to the commissioner. Commissioner Velategui at the Seattle Superior Court saw nothing wrong with this bill.  When the hundreds of bogus charges were detailed for him, he charged the one who did the work he should have done (me) the cost of the guardianship's attorneys (@$11,000). Not once did he ask them even one question about any of the bogus charges. I think the judicial system is shortchanging us, and I know it is permitting the vulnerable to be harmed (in many cases very seriously harmed) by those who are supposed to protect them.

Example No. 1:  This link will take you to the Supplementary Report.  As you will notice, this report is no more than a sentence or two.  It corrects their own irrelevant mistake.  I mentioned to Amy Miller, Co-Director of Care Planning Associates, that I had called a number of places to see if saunas were good for the elderly.  In her first report, Ms Miller wrote that I was told that saunas were bad for the elderly, and so I had one installed.  (That's how far she had to go to try to find something against me so that she could continue  to sate her greed in my mother's bank accounts.) I had to dig out the house papers that show that the sauna was in the house when we bought it.  I had to pay my attorney to respond to her nonsense.  The Supplementary Report is her reply.  This report received two hours of her time.  Then, two days later, she gave it another two hours and twelve minutes!  Her colleague, LI, gave it an additional one hour.  The attorney, not to be left off the gravy train, gave it some part of two hours.  So this two sentence irrelevant report got at least 5.2 hours, up to 7.2 hours!  Would the board members who licensed Care Planning Associates want these bottom feeders anywhere near their loved ones? I don't think so.  How dare they put them near mine! I can never look at that "report" (or any of the other bogus bills either) without marveling at the level of greed,  dishonesty, and corruption it reveals about Amy Miller and partners in crime.  It makes my skin crawl to think of doing something so ugly, so deceitful, so gluttonous to a person you are charged with protecting, a person too weak, too incapacitated to prevent it. I have no doubt that they intended to deplete all of her savings, savings she earned dollar by dollar, and sacrificed to save. They didn't get my mother's money, but how many others were sentenced to nursing homes to make it easier for Ms Miller, Ms Ayana, and Mr. Judson to empty their accounts? How on earth can Commissioner Velategui support that? What sickness is supporting him?  

This is theft- the lowest level theft possible - a brazen, crude theft of a woman too sick to prevent it - a woman Ms Miller was charged with protecting.  I don't know what Commissioner Velategui  thinks about it because despite the fact that he is required by law to monitor these charges, he failed to note it.  When I pointed it out to him, I was fined!  I don't know if Ms Miller has an explanation because she was never asked, and she never volunteered.  I think they both should be asked.

A plumber couldn't get away with submitting a bill like the one my mother received from Care Planning Associates.  But this group that is by law monitored and appointed by the court,  that has an entire board in Olympia constructed for the purpose of making sure it adheres to standards designed just for them  (including the "highest fiduciary standard") whose clients are defenseless, is free to submit hundreds of bogus charges. The WSBA, the Commission on Judicial Conduct, the Attorney General's Office, the Seattle Police Department, Consumer Affairs, and  Adult Protective Services are all helpless to do anything about it

An Indelible Memory:. One of the enduring memories of this entire criminal farce is of Amy Miller, the co-director of CPA and the author of the two sentence report noted above.  Three times Ms Miller stood in a court of law and was asked by the commissioner if she had anything to say.  Each time, her response was the same.  She threw both hands into the air.  Her jaw dropped to her collarbone and she stated,"I just don't know what to say.  I'm just stunned." Or, "I was just stunned when I read what Sharon had to say." Each time she offered that slack-jawed response, the commissioner threw her a micro second of sympathy and me a similar amount of irritation.  There she stood, in a court of law, knowing about the fabricated meetings, the double charges, the ludicrous charges, the phoney report writing charges,  that two sentence report that she spent 4.2 hours on and her own and her cohorts serial perjury.  She knew she had used her position and a court appointment to steal from an eighty-three year old woman who suffered from Alzheimer's and couldn't defend herself from Ms Miller's greed. That feigned surprise is a testament to her dishonesty, to the lengths she will go to fill her pockets with money she has no right to.  It is disgusting beyond belief.  She belongs in jail and  should never be allowed near a vulnerable person.  Ms Miller filled her pockets with money my mother earned honestly, dollar by dollar.  That money was not earned by Ms Miller.  It was earned by my mother and it should have been available to pay for wheelchair ramps, medications, or whatever she might need. Ms Miller's gluttony was compounded by her ludicrous efforts to keep my mother in her grip so she could get the rest of her money. Ms Miller and cohorts set a new standard for the term "bottom dwellers." 

Example No 2:  Mr. Henry Judson III is the attorney for Care Planning Associates.  According to the Board Standards, the guardianship may use an attorney for "necessary legal advice."  Mr. Judson squeezed himself into just about  every meeting anyone had.  He was unfailingly invited by the guardianship.  I never objected because it never occurred to me that this unnecessary, argumentative man's bill would be dumped on my mother.  

This is an example of Mr. Judson's version of "necessary legal advice:"  Usually the guardianship is sworn in by the judge.  This is done for free and consists of the judge reading the oath and the guardian repeating and agreeing to it.  The guardianship asked Mr. Judson to perform this "service."  The office he shares with CPA was a block or two down from the courthouse so there was no travel time.  Wait time was around fifteen minutes.  Reading the oath off a card took another five minutes.  

Mr. Judson charged my mother for two and one half hours at $175.00 per hour.  He charged for preparing to read the oath, attending court, and supposedly reviewing information sent to him by Mr. Schurman.  However, you can't prepare for reading an oath off a card, court time was twenty five minutes tops, and I submitted a signed affidavit from Mr. Schurman stating that on that date, he had sent nothing to Mr. Judson.  See Affidavit. This shameless parasite managed to rip off almost five hundred dollars from my helpless mother for doing something the judge would have done for free and then bloating it beyond recognition.  I think it goes without saying that the guardianship would never have asked him to do for them what the judge would do gratis, nor would they have permitted him to pad it so egregiously.  They asked him because they knew the court would allow them to dump it on my mother who worked for every cent she ever earned. They said nothing about the padding because they knew that none of it would come out of their pockets.  Mr. Judson participated in every unnecessary event, inflated all, and gouged my mother's pocketbook for all of it.  He raises the sleazy practice of freeloading to an art form. This greedy guardianship, its dishonest attorney, and an indifferent, biased commissioner determined to reward the guardianship worked seamlessly together to plunder the assets of the helpless woman they were charged with protecting. I've had three years to get used to this scam and it still disgusts me to the bones each and every time I think about it.  Their shared depravity will never cease to astound.

One of the  attorneys asked me why I found Henry Judson so objectionable - (a question that says all that needs to be said about the person who asked it).  It would take a book to note all that I find objectionable about him.  But I will always be amazed at the lack of class, the utter tackiness, that permits a person with  advantages (college degree, law degree) to stand in front of me and of the world with a phoney, patently phoney bill that lets him rip off eight thousand dollars from an elderly, incapacitated woman who earned that money honest dollar by honest dollar. This amoral predator will lie, perjure himself, and cheat to rip the savings from an elderly woman who never wronged anyone in her life.  The lack of pride, the lack of shame, the lack of embarrassment - that he can't EARN a living like the rest of us, but instead, has to steal a living and steal from the most defenseless will never cease to astound.  The lowest paid workers in the dirtiest, least desirable jobs are head and shoulders above Henry Judson.  The work ethic lets us all feel pride in what our labor - mental or physical - can bring to our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Mr. Judson's substitution of  fraud for the work ethic will preclude his joining the rest of the world in the satisfaction and pride that comes from EARNING your way in the world.  I can't count the number of times I stood in a courtroom (what had formerly been an almost sacred place) with him, relived his greed, listened to his lies, heard his complaints that anyone would dare to question HIM, and knew that his pockets were stuffed with money stolen from people too impaired to stop him: my mother, Violet Sullivan, how many more?  The level of contempt and revulsion I have for this predator is beyond description.

Originally I mistook Henry Judson III for a social worker.  About the time I finally figured out that he was CPA's attorney, I also noted that every time I went to the courthouse, which for me had to be between 10:30 and 11:30 am, I found him pulling into the same parking lot at the same time. Meetings could not be scheduled after 3:00 pm because, according to his secretary who posed as a legal assistant in order to rip off additional money from my mother, "he had to pick up his daughter from school." I've worked all my life in various professional fields, but I've never had a job that started around 11:00 am and ended before 3:00 pm with most likely, a leisurely lunch hour in between. When I got his bogus bill for my helpless mother, I understood how he did it.  It's easy to work just a few hours a day when your job is nothing more than cheating  an elderly, sick woman out of her money, money she earned honestly-dollar by dollar. He doesn't have to work, he can just pretend to work, submit a phony bill and  get it all.  This is a person so low he makes back alley thugs look like saints.  Even they would have enough honor to not steal from a helpless sick woman.  This subhuman hasn't a shred of pride, dignity, or integrity. He is beyond dispute the lowest form of life I have ever encountered.  The thought that he wanted to hang in there to steal the rest of my mother's money just makes my skin crawl. He should be barred from being within a hundred feet of a vulnerable person.

Almost ten years ago, the Seattle Times wrote about this same guardianship and the same attorney. That article can be found at Violet Sullivan. I've spoken to the writer and to many of the people involved.  The general feeling seems to be that there is a question whether her sons were actually stealing from her, but there is no question that she probably would have preferred their theft to that of the guardianship and attorneys.  There are also questions as to the necessity for the repairs and who was hired to do them. Since the judge acquiesced to sealing the records, it will never be known how long it took these people to go through her assets. A few years after the Violet Sullivan article, Marsha King from the Seattle Times was going to report on another angry victim  of Care Planning Associates.  The family, however decided that it didn't want the publicity and so the report was shelved. Ten years later and I'm seeing much the same thing - greed, dishonesty, and judicial indulgence. This is a group with fifteen years of trouble.   Some things never change, but they should.

Example No. 3:  We had a two and one half hour meeting shortly before the guardianship was terminated.  That was two hours longer than it should have been.  But the "attorney"spent most of the two extra hours trying to convince me that I needed his client's presence in my life (Translation:  My client and I need to stay in your mother's bank accounts.  We haven't depleted them yet.) Midway through the meeting, the "case manager" arrived.  Despite supposedly calling all over town and charging my mother for it, this "case manager" had never called me nor made an attempt to meet her client's only living relative. Her arrival was disruptive, causing everything to need to be repeated.  She left after twenty or thirty minutes. 

Despite the fact that she only attended thirty minutes tops of this two and one half hour meeting, she charged my mother for three hours.  I complained.  They couldn't lie as I assume they would have liked to because my attorney was there and probably wouldn't support their lie. Even a not very reputable business would have acquiesced,  declared an error, and refunded the difference.  It seems so easy, is superficially honest, and could even buy good will.  

CPA,however, cannot even rise to the level of a disreputable business.  These are predators.  There is no level so low  that they wouldn't stoop to to steal a buck from the helpless victim in their "care." Though she wasn't in his care, Mr. Judson was going to hang on for every dime he could rip off her. Instead of acknowledging an error, Mr. Judson wrote the following:  "Both the guardianship director, Amy Miller, and Dorris Denney's case manager, Lenora Ivanek, were present at that meeting and both of them billed the time for attending the meeting in its entirety as the presence of both were (sic)essential to the efforts at developing a plan of care and the discussion of Mrs. Denney's case with Sharon and her attorney.  The total time of 3.0 hours was accurate and the case manager's time would actually have been longer if travel time to the meeting had been charged."

A superficial glance would cause  a casual reader to believe that an explanation had been provided.  A biased reader would find that explanation satisfactory.  Commissioner Velategui apparently found no problem with it.  There is a problem, however.  It's pure and utter nonsense designed to skirt the issue while appearing to explain it.  Either it's a strategy worked out with the commissioner, or it's a strategy in response to the commissioner's weaknesses.  He doesn't read prior to court time; he skims while others talk and seems to believe or want to believe anything the guardians and their attorneys say.  They know he'll only glance at what I offer (if that) and only skim what they offer, and be biased toward any claim they make.  So they can offer nonsense knowing he's too sloppy, too biased, too hurried to even recognize it as such. 

It is tempting to want to believe that Mr. Judson's words are those of a person in a hurry, tired, or making  syntactical errors.  I would have thought so too, until I recognized this as a typical practice.  They were irresponsible with my mother's medications. I complained mightily. Every time they responded, I marveled that they still hadn't figured it out.  They just didn't get it, so I thought.  After their third response, I realized that they got it alright.  They had to either admit a serious lapse or do what they did - write nonsense that has the appearance of being an explanation and know that the "jurist" behind the bench will accept it as a reasonable explanation.  

There is no strategy too deceitful or too dishonest for these predators.  My only question is whether the commissioner is too stupid and sloppy to figure it out, or too biased and corrupt to care. 

Report Writing - Summary:  A summary of Care Planning Associates and attorney, Henry Judson III's outrageous charges for report writing can be found at this link - Report Summary.   A fuller analysis of the "reports" can be found at this link:  Reports in Full 

Most of these reports were completed after the termination of the guardianship.  All of the reports were fairly sloppy and short.  To pretend that they took the amount of time charged for or the number of  people claiming to have written them is ludicrous.  For the attorney to have contributed anything to the writing of these short, generic accounts is absurd.  It is a violation of the standards which limit him to offering "necessary legal advice."  If the director couldn't write a simple report without hours of the attorney's help and everyone else in the office, then she needs a new job.  She needs a new job anyway, none of these predators should be anywhere near a helpless being.  The attorney was just leaching on to the guardianship to make sure he got his share of the loot.  Can anyone really believe that he would help write all those simple reports at $175 an hour if the guardianship was intending to foot his bill?  They just let him ride the gravy train, and he without a shred of pride or dignity planted himself on the train for the duration of the ride. 

What does it say about a commissioner who allows  them to loot  the savings of a helpless, sick, woman who worked for that money and sacrificed to save it in order to pay for charges that are obviously bogus and/or inflated?  NOTHING GOOD.  NOTHING GOOD AT ALL!

A summary of all the "errors and mistakes for this six week guardianship of the person only can be found here:  Fraud Summary

The attorney for Care Planning Associates, Henry Judson,  submitted the following bill:  Attorney's Bill.

My analysis can be found at the following link:  Analysis of Attorney's Bill

The guardian's full bill for the six week guardianship can be found at this link:  Guardianships Bill

My analysis of that bill can be found at Analysis of Guardianship's Bill. 

Additional misrepresentations to the court:  Misrepresentations to the Court

EVIL;  Lately many people, nation-wide have been using the key words "guardianship" "scam" "fraud" "abuse" to look up what others are saying about guardianships in their state.  We are currently organizing a national group.

 Many of those who find my site by keywords,  use the word "evil" in referring to the guardians who stole the life, the life style, or the assets of their loved ones.  We all seem to genuinely ponder how these people sleep at night, how they walk among us and pretend to be like us, what their families know about the source of their income.  "Evil" is a word that, for some reason, I have almost never used in my life. Recently, though, I was reminded of a quote by W.H. Auden.  It goes something like this:  "Evil is never spectacular, it sleeps in our bed and eats at our table." 

 I realized that Amy Miller, Lori Ayana, and Henry Judson III all sleep in someone's bed, eat at someone's table.  Do their families know what they do for a living?  If they have children, do they teach them to exploit the opportunity a helpless person involuntarily offers?  Do they instruct their kids to take advantage of the weaknesses?  Are their kids the ones grabbing the purse of the woman in a walker or the wallet of the man in a wheelchair?   Does Amy Miller laugh about the two line correction of her own irrelevant mistake for which  she charged my 87 year old mother 4.2 hours. and for which her colleague charged an hour, and for which  their parasitical attorney charged some part of two hours?  Is the attorney proud that he hurried to the courthouse to deliver an oath that the the judge would have done for free and then inflated the thirty minutes it took (including travel time) to about three hours and charged my helpless mother $500 for nothing?  He knew and Amy Miller 
 and Lori Ayana knew that they would never have authorized such an unnecessary expenditure if they were paying.  They all knew that my mother who WORKED for her money would be the one to pay for it.

 Does Henry Judson III brag to those at his table of all the hours he charged my helpless mother for the time he pretended to spend with  the directors (and everyone in the office it appears) in writing care plans and other short, sloppy non-legal reports?  Not only did he not spend hours on the guardians' reports, he charged my mother legal rates for the pretence.  Would Care Planning Associates really pay an attorney to spend hours on their care plan?  Of course not.  No business could survive if they used an attorney that way.   What they did was let him hop aboard the gravy train. In turn, for them, he spit out lies and distortions like projectile vomit, the funniest of which had the WSBA praising his performance!  Lacking even minimal pride, integrity and class, he seemed  only too happy to do so. And all of this happens in state after state with the judges' or the commissioners approval and support. 
Like maggots to a carcass, all over the United States, judging from your e-mails, predatory guardians and their classless attorneys are crawling and slithering toward the unprotected..  Some would claim that the serial killer is the epitome of "evil."  I would disagree.  The serial killer is responding to a need that we can't even conceive of - that we are free of.  The predatory guardians are choosing to exploit an opportunity that is available to most of us at some time in our lives.  The vast majority choose to do the right thing.  It is the predators who choose to take advantage and to exploit the "opportunity."  It is  that choice that makes them evil, I think.  They have chosen to do what for most of us is unthinkable.

The only way to protect our loved ones from this evil is to either have an honest, hard-working judiciary, or to have a knowledgeable, hardworking non-judicial monitoring board, or to have the bills of the predatory guardians and their free-loading attorneys plastered all over the front page of the city newspaper. 

I have scanned the guardianship's and its attorney's entire Final Report (bill) and my analysis of it on these pages.   You can peruse the bill in its entirety.  On this page, I will simply select examples of the incredible dishonesty designed to rob an elderly, sick woman of the money she sacrificed to save.   This crime is perpetrated by those who are supposedly held to the highest fiduciary standards because they are court appointees and because their "clients" are so vulnerable. 

I think it is important to share concrete examples, because I believe when I speak to people about it, they are thinking what I, a long time ago, might have thought:  "She must be exaggerating, no business could could survive with that level of dishonesty."  Most people are honest and simply can't comprehend the brazen, crude level of deceit of this scam.